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Traditional Arts Today is all about creating connections! We are a 501c3 nonprofit with a dual mission. The first mission is to create connections by providing traditional artists a venue to display and sell their art in our shop, located in an historic home on West 9th Street in Ferdinand, Indiana. Currently, there are over 80 artists primarily from Dubois and surrounding counties showcasing their talent. Most items are sold on commission with most of the proceeds going directly back to the artists. If you're interested in more information about this, please see the "Call for Artists" page.

Unique, high quality items displayed in our shop include handwoven rugs, scarves, throws, and shawls, jewelry crafted from re-claimed treasures, paintings, sculptures, artisan soaps with hand-knitted or crocheted wash cloths, photography, handmade children’s clothes, baby quilts, and much more.

Our second mission is to create connections by offering classes in the traditional arts. Again, with a focus on the local community, the instructors are primarily local artists who are excited to share their skill and love of the traditional arts. Classes are offered in our 9th Street Studio, located in the same historic building as the gift shop. We have looms and facilities to offer a broad range of classes.


Examples of classes we’ve offered include soap making, weaving chenille scarves and tea towels, chicken scratch embroidery on handmade aprons, Ukrainian egg decorating, and Navajo-style friendship bracelet classes. More classes are planned for the coming months such as basket weaving, weaving mug rugs on table looms and making a crazy quilt stocking for Christmas. At the end of class students go home with a practical hand-made item plus having learned a traditional art.


Our Vision

To increase appreciation for unique and practical hand crafted items.

Our Mission

Connect artisans and their creations with the community by:

   Providing a venue for artisans to sell their creations

   Offering classes in

the traditional arts

As a 501(c)(3), grants and donations help us realize our mission. Please support us with a purchase or donation.

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