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Traditional Arts Today
with a Gift

Before electronics and mass production, everyday items were made by hand and people relied on one another through the practice of traditional arts. These practices that were once widely known or highly sought after are no longer essential, so there are fewer opportunities for people to express their creativity through the traditional arts and reap the benefits of the creative process.


As a nonprofit we thrive on the support of generous individuals like you who see why it’s so important to promote and preserve the traditional arts. We need your tax-deductible gifts!

Please give today to provide a venue where local artists can sell their work and support our traditional arts programs that enrich the lives of those who participate.

Create an impact on our local community by donating

 Traditional Arts Today values gifts of time as well as money. If you are interested in donating your time, passion, and talents by volunteering, you can fill out an interest form below.

I am interested in volunteering!

Thanks, we will be in touch!

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