weaving . quilting . knitting . crocheting . embroidery
needlepoint . soap making . pottery . stained glass

Attention artisans: weavers, knitters, potters, soap makers and everyone with a passion for the creative process and a love of traditional arts — Traditional Arts Today invites you to share in our vision of Creating Connections with the community.

Our name says it all! Not only a shop selling unique one of a kind creations, but an enclave of learning, where classes are being taught in a relaxed environment to students who want to preserve the traditional arts — and possibly sell some of the works they create. Through this mission, Traditional Arts Today hopes to serve as a catalyst to increase appreciation for well-made, practical hand crafted items in the technology focused world in which we live.

If you have a talent and love of artistry and are seeking a place to sell what you create, we’d love to hear from you and see what you do. If you have a skill you would like to share with others by teaching classes, we would also welcome a connection.

Our shop opened June 1st in Ferdinand, Indiana. Not Familiar with Ferdinand? We are looking for talented, creative people who wish to share their products as well as their talents.

What do you create?

We’d love to see what you do! You can email photos to ann@TraditionalArtsToday.org. The board will review applications and we’ll be in touch.

Detailed information packets are available. If you’d like one, call 812.998.2487 or send an email to the address above. We hope to hear from you!

Come see us!