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Alexianna Mundy
Alana Goepfrich
Jonah Schroeder
Courtney Blalock
Yellowstone Coffee
Valerie McCoy
Tony Henning
Trista Rothgerber
Sr. Doris Market
Sr. Mary Lee Hillenbrand
Shari Kempf
Shalynne Smith
Sally Klem
Rosemary Chamberlain
Ryan Bettag
Rosanne Schlegel
Romy _ Clare Designs
Roberta Gayer
Richard Mohr
Rita and Dave Howell
Phillip Batchelder
Rebecca Merder
Patti Schroeder
Mary Lou Vaal
Pam Bell
Nancy Stratman
Nancy Gerber
Monte Young
Martha Rasche
Martha Feldmeyer
Marge Luebbehusen
Marcos Bautista
Lynn Holland
Maggie Spreicher
Linda Lindauer
Leah Diekhoff
Kyle Eckert
Linda Drescher
LaVonne Tisdal
Kristen Kloss
Kathy Fazio
Kathy Foerster
Kit Miracle
John Buyher
Kirsten Neukam
Jennifer Luna
Judy Thom
Goose Tretter Zimmerman
Jeff Wagner
Jen Bretz
Deb Souders
Jacob Lubbers
Doris Oeding
Emily Hanner
Elaine Hunefeld
Dianna Page Beck
Carol Troesch
Christine Buening
Chad Christain
Brenda Stoffel
Bob Zasadny
Bart Schmitt
Bill Hoover
Becky Polster
Bill _ Gean Bowen
Andrea Hoelscher
Barb McCullough
Allen Salhoff
Abby Laux

Our Vision

To increase appreciation for unique and practical hand crafted items.

Our Mission

Connect artisans and their creations with the community by:

   Providing a venue for artisans to sell their creations

   Offering classes in

the traditional arts

As a 501(c)(3), grants and donations help us realize our mission. Please support us with a purchase or donation.

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